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Stonecrest Church is fashioned in the '"simple church" model. Our leaders guide people through discipleship. God is the head of our Church and our leaders are servants to his people.

Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church...

Acts 20:28

Dr. Richard L Barclay

Senior Minister

Richard L. Barclay planted the Stonecrest Church of Christ where he serves as senior minister. Richard has over 30 years of preaching the gospel to congregations of churches of Christ across the country Barclay is a highly sought after keynote speaker and known for his expertise in hermeneutics. He is passionate about education and has established an endowment.

Richard is married to Shirley Brooks Barclay, a former educator and counselor. The couple have two adult sons, and one daughter in law, Christopher Reginald Barclay,




Youth Minister

Kris Ballou takes ministering to youth very seriously and believes God’s purpose for his life is to help young souls develop in their Christianity. Minister Barclay believes, “Kris Ballou is an outstanding, conscientious, and dedicated young adult who loves and sacrifices greatly for the youth of the Stonecrest Church. His enthusiasm is contagious and encouraging.”


Kris was baptized at Hillcrest Church of Christ, Decatur, Georgia on August 14, 2005, two days before his 13th birthday. Kris developed as a leader through his involvement with youth ministries. Kris had his first taste of classroom teaching for the Hillcrest Youth Ministry. While in college at Savannah State University, Kristopher attended the 50th Street Church of Christ and taught middle school and high school students. He has also taught Wednesday night bible classes and Vacation Bible School.


A native of Georgia and a graduate of Savannah State, Kris has a master’s degree in biomedical research from Morehouse School of Medicine.  Passionate about the environment and creating a better world for all, Kris works as a pollution control monitor with the City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management.  In his spare time, Kris enjoys running and working with STEM programs to teach science to students.

Servant Leaders

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Anthony Brooks


Anthony Brooks is passionate about sharing the Word of God.  He's been a member of the body of Christ for 39 years and is a Minister of the Gospel.  He's married to  Kellee Raheem Brooks and they have 2 children. 

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Rickie Clements

Rickie A. Clements is owner of R. C. Financial Services LLC. He’s been a member of body of Christ since 1976 and loves teaching, serving, worship, and singing. He’s been married to Melissa W. Clements for 19 years and has 4 children, Amaris, Amari, Ryan and Caleb Clements. When Rickie is not serving in the church he is working with kids and is very activity in the community.  On the job he is a RPRT in the tax industry.

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Raymon Crawford

Raymon Crawford is retired from the United States Army with rank of lieutenant colonel. Raymond has served as Vice President for Morehouse College and Grambling State University and is passionate about educating young people.  He’s married to Urenna’ Crawford and has a blended family of nine children.   

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David Ferguson

David Ferguson is a small business owner and US Navy Veteran. He is a member of the Finance committee for Stonecrest. David been a member of body of Christ since 1977 and loves teaching and serving. He has 3 grown children and one 11 year old, which live in Florida. He enjoys spending quality time with them. When he is not serving in the church or on his job he enjoys traveling and and working with the homeless and veterans. 

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Dale Holmes​

Dale Holmes is passionate about serving people. He’s been a member of the body of Christ for 14 years and works as a Chief Deputy. He’s married to Sabrina Holmes and has 2 children Devon and Arrielle. When Dale is not serving in the Church or on his job he enjoys cruising. 

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Isaque Nixon

Isacque Nixon is passionate about serving God and others. He truly loves the Lord.  He was baptized into the body of Christ in 1995 and has been a member of the church for over 20 years. He’s been married to his wife Shona for 23 years, they have two children, Sean and Isley. Isacque is a Parts Specialist Manager for Osprey Corporation. At Stonecrest he is the Facility Manager and also works on the Finance Team. Isacque enjoys reading, tinkering with gadgets, and spending time with his family.

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Anthony Noel​

Tony Noel is passionate about teaching and acting. He has been a member of the body of Christ for 32 years and works as a mobile barber and chess coach. Tony coordinates the Order of Worship. He and his wife, Alicia Noel of 27 years lead the ROOTS Ministry for new converts to Christ. They have two adult sons, Malcolm and Justice.

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Harrell Thomas

Harrell James Thomas Sr. is an Engineer and currently functioning as the Church Administrator. He's been a member of the body since 2001 and loves teaching, serving and worship. He's been married to Belinda for 31 years and they have two sons, Harrell Jr. and Tre'.

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Anthony Wilson

Anthony Wilson is a Clinical Social worker for the Atlanta Veterans Administration and  heads the Marriage  ministry for Stonecrest. He’s been a member of body of Christ since 1987 and loves teaching, serving, worship and singing.  He’s been married to Sheri Wilson for 34 years and has two adult children.  

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Greg White​

Gregory White is employed with the City of Decatur as the Active Living Director and heads the Benevolence Committee and Photography Committee for Stonecrest. He has been a member of the body of Christ since June 1, 1997 and loves serving, community outreach and documenting events via photography/social media.  Greg has been married to Joniese White for 26 years and has three children- Noah, Jordyn and Jewel.

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