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Membership is a “Breeze”

How to Use Our Church Management System

Breeze, our church management system, allows you to find out the “who’s, what’s, and when’s” of Stonecrest! Here is a brief overview of creating your profile, looking up events, searching for a member, etc.

You can also download the Breeze App and have members and events at your fingertips! Just look in your app store for “Breeze.”.

Step 1: Request an Account

Go to this address:

Click on the words “Create Account” under the blue Sign In Button.

Enter your name and email address. If there is an existing profile, you’ll receive an email.

If there is no matching profile, email the church office to request one.

Step 2: Access Your Dashboard

Once you successfully log in, you will see a screen that looks like this. This is your Dashboard.


From here, you can access your Profile, People, and Events.


Click on any of the buttons to get started.

Step 3: Fill Out Your Profile

Building your profile allows other members to find you! Start by clicking “My Profile”.

  • Upload new photos of you and your clan.

  • Fill in the missing information.


You can edit information in each section by hovering over and clicking on each grey section. You’ll see the words “click to edit section” appears when you hover.

*NOTE: If you have an address change, please alert the church office!


Step 4: Find a Member


Click the “People” tab to look up a member.


Type their first or last name, or both, under “Filter by Name”.


You can use the variety of Filter Options to narrow down your search.


Click on the person’s name once you find them to open their profile.


Step 5: Check Out Events

By clicking on the Events tab, you’ll get a calendar! Check out all the events happening throughout the month. You can also find this calendar here on our website.

Breeze can also be used to manage volunteers for our events. If you are asked to volunteer, your volunteer commitment will attach to your profile, and you’ll receive reminders. We’ll send out the link to volunteer closer to our events.

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